Stolen Passports Warning

25 AUG 2015
Passport 1

1 in 5 of all passports stolen in Alicante province are taken at the airport. Thieves also target the airport car parks and half of the passports stolen are taken from vehicles. 

The British Consulate is raising awareness of this problem in a campaign titled "Don't Let The Thieves Drive You To Distraction". The consulate is also speaking with taxi drivers, car hire companies and local police to try to reduce the number of victims. As well as costing time and money to replace the passports - the whole experience can spoil what should be a relaxing trip to a beautiful part of Spain.

The consulate also offers advice for travellers

  • Don't get distracted by anyone when getting in or out of your car
  • Pay particular attention when putting cases and other valuables in the car
  • Do not leave valuables on show in the car
  • If you park with your cases make sure it is in a secure carpark with CCTV - not on the street.

Car hire companies have started to advise customers of the risk and some have opted to remove the hire car stickers which sometimes make it easier for criminals to target tourists.

Airport police and security are increasing patrols in the parking and pick up areas of the airport. If you suffer from this type of crime please immediately call 902 102 112 to report it.

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